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Located in the Heart of the Chattahoochee Valley, in Valley, Alabama, ISS is positioned to offer it's full services to the industrial and commercial clients of East Alabama and West Georgia. Our diversified departments allow the customer (you) to deal with one company, rather than several. We are located on a 20 acre Industrial Complex with over 140,000 square feet of store, shop, and warehouse space. A permanent staff of highly skilled craftsmen and workers offer you a choice and variety of expertise. If you don't see a particular service you are in need of, please call. If we can't help you, we will gladly refer you to another company or help any way we can.



Built in the 1940's, West Point Pepperell opened this 19-acre compound to supply material and provide services to it's textile mills throughout the Southeast. Employing more than 150 personnel, the service center purchased, stocked, and shipped goods to the various mill locations. It was also responsible for providing carpentry, metal fabrication, vehicle repair, and various other type of services. In 1988, West Point Pepperell, was bought in a hostile takeover bid by Farley Inc.& Farley Inc., acquired more than $15 million in voting securities of West Point-Pepperell, which was later split and sold off operating as Wellington Sears and West Point Stevens.  During this transition period, Farley began selling itís non-manufacturing related assets and properties and the service center was one of those properties offered for sale. Some of the individual department employees retired from the company, purchased the assets of the department from West Point Pepperell, and opened their own companies. The property, buildings and remaining assets went up for bid. In 1993 the Service Center was purchased and reopened under the name Industrial Service & Supply, Inc. or commonly nicknamed ISS.   Richard Sims, having operated a local business, Sims Lawn Farm Supply,  for more than 10 years, assumed the position as president of the company.  The first shops to re-open were the Supply Store and Metal Fabrication department, with a total of only eight employees.  Over the next several years, ISS expanded beyond its owners expectations. Many trials and errors have been experienced, but thanks to God, ISS has succeeded in many ways. .







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